A little about me

Most say I'm a persistent person. Its true, I don't give up easily. I like to have fun, you can find me in a deep slot canyon in Zions National Park, high up above the mountains flying, or on the side of a waterfall ice climbing. If there is an adventure to it, I am in.


I work for myself doing window film and graphics. If it goes on glass I do it. I have been working with Shaded Glass for almost 4 years now. I never would have imagined how rewarding being self employed can be. The challenges, and successes are almost a everyday occurrence. It makes for a rewarding career. 

Flying Adventures

I earned my Private Pilot license when I was 18. Since then I have gone on to earn a Single and Multi Engine Commercial Pilot Licenses, Instrument Ratings, and the coveted Certified Flight Instructor Certificates. I have flown to every state this side of the Mississippi (except Alaska), as well as a few on the other side of the river. I have accumulated over 1,000 hours of flight experience over the last decade, and have trained over 20 pilots for various ratings and certificates. Flying gives us a unique opportunity to do something that people for millenium could only dream of. 

Outdoors Adventures

Canyoneering, Rock Climbing, Ice Climbing. These are the trio of exhilarating activities that are so unique people only wish they could be involved. Canyoneering is number one choice for me. Being so far down in the bowels of the earth that no sunlight reaches the bottom, squeezing in areas that until 30 years ago people didn't even know existed. Rock and Ice Climbing are pass time hobbies to me. I go for the fun of being outside, and the thrill of the sport. 


It started with a high school class, my art credit really inspired me to explore photography further. When I was flying I saw the most amazing sunset and I decided I needed to get a good camera to capture all the cool moments I encounter. Thus I began a simple career of carrying around a DSLR, capturing all the amazing places I have been too. I do small shoots, family, yearly pictures, back to school, ext. Feel free to message me if I can help.