The dream of flying started August 5, 2003. It was my birthday and my mom gave me a flight in a Cessna 172 as my present. It was amazing and I haven't forgot about it. The dream really took off when I saw a class being offered at the local college which I could take my senior year in high school. This class had 3 hours of flight instruction included which really gave me the bug. After the class, passing my written exam I was set, I knew I wanted to get my pilots license. I dove into it head first and I was loving it. Flying gave me a freedom that is indescribable.

Over the next few years I made many friends, flew to every state this side of the Mississippi, and a few on the west side. Been to some of the coolest places, done things people only dream of. I was living the dream. I got my Instructor certification and began teaching at a local collage. I have signed off over 10 students for certificates, plus many, many more that got specialized training. I have students that I initially trained, and now are in the airlines.

The experience of earning my pilots license taught me that I can do anything, I earned that title that almost every other person on the planet wishes they could do.